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Knowledge is Power


Centro Nacional de Educacion a Distancia  was founded  in 1995 and specializes in the development, production and delivery of training courses and distance learning. The online methodology that we offer, allows effective and an  excellent choice for training in the comfort of your home or  anywhere in the world allowing the students to excel personally and professionally.  Centro Nacional de Educacion a Distancia  is affiliated with a network of institutions such as Aldey,  and VIP Learning who spent more than 50 years of experience in training and vocational training. Thousands of people in the Mercosur and the rest of Latin America Canada, USA and Europe have been trained and work, today, in a variety of professions and trades.


Centro Nacional de Educacion a Distancia is the first institution of Education and Distance Learning of America whose management system and  learning services are certified by Standard UNIT / ISO 29990-2010.

In order to achieve international certification that recognizes the quality provider of learning services, the CENADI has undergone an extensive improvement process based on the ISO 29990- 2010 standard that specifies the requirements providers must have in the Learning Services (PES) in education and non-formal training to provide quality service recognized internationally.

Benefits of ISO 29990 certification for students:

- International recognition of the institution

- Provides reliability educational programs

- Ensure adequate resources for proper learning, including instructors, process design and development of courses, evaluation and validation systems.

With the adoption of the standard 29990, the National Center for Distance Education ensures better quality and efficiency in their learning services, resulting in better service to the student and ensures the quality of their study programs. 


CENADI designs, develops, produces and controls the educational content of the courses.

The course design is performed following established procedures and occupational market  analysis, gathering information that will lead to the development of training programs that meet the needs of the market, potential participants and the community.

In the development and production teachers, trainers, cameramen, editors, layout artists and communication specialists work with great dedication to produce high quality and efficient courses . Because the course content is developed by the Institute, teachers can answer queries quickly, because they , themselves, are part of the working group and are well aware of the contents. Learning is more efficient because the contents are properly organized and follow a specially developed logical sequence.

Learning is done online and through explanations and procedures on video and / or text and interactive content along with LIVE or e-mail tutoring from  our experienced teachers.


We have an expert faculty with extensive experience, which is involved in the educational , along with an administrative group that supports the training and learning process.


In terms of schedule,  student can organize study time  combining learning with other activities or labor, social or family obligations.

In terms of learning place, it allows the participant to decide where and how to study, being able to start at any time during the year.

 We offer many opportunities for training and education, allowing you to choose the one that best fits the needs and educational level of the student.


Democratizes access to training and education, because it reaches people who for reasons of work activity, place of residence, economic status, age or any personal reasons cannot or will not access Campus.

The learning process is flexible because it can  be done in their own environment, at home, work, and can begin training at any time of year.

The student has tutoring and support from working professionals and teachers.

In the demonstration videos that are included in the  courses such as beauty, mechanics, gastronomy, design, construction, agriculture, electricity, etc. procedures are captured with a close approach and special shots to see details clearly.

The student can review and observe the procedures as often as necessary.

The student can start practicing in a car, refrigerator, air conditioning, electronic equipment, construction project, electricity or plumbing, garden or orchard, with family and friends (aesthetic area), in business or employment in your kitchen, etc. .

This is one of the most effective ways to learn skills, abilities, methods and procedures. It is used by thousands of organizations and companies.

We grew up in the era of new technologies. We are used to inform, amuse, entertain us on television and internet, therefore the video is the easiest way to learn and assimilate.


The virtual classroom is available online 24 hours a day, meaning that all contents are available at any time.

The student can access the virtual classroom from any computer / tablet / Smartphone and from anywhere in the world. Only you need an Internet connection of at least 1 mega.

The virtual classroom is a quiet and exclusive student space. These can study the contents back and forth over and over again, as needed.

What the student will find in the virtual classroom?

Modules / course units

- The objective of the module or unit.

- The learning activities of the module or unit.

Depending on the type of course (trades, technical, business, education, etc.), each learning activity indicates to  watch a video or read a text, an exercise, a self-assessment, etc. These activities vary from course to course. Clicking on the name of the activity opens the corresponding content. Each unit or module can contain from two to dozens of activities. In addition, periodically, new videos and content are added to update the virtual classroom courses.

How to access the virtual classroom student?

In, the student accesses the virtual classroom, on any day and time. trough a user name and a personal password that will be granted.